Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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About Us

With us it's always something.

Follow this chronicle of Pam & Frank's latest adventures through family life with silly kid(s), recipes that sometimes actually turn out as planned, road trips, crafty homemaker-y stuff, and various home improvement projects...

All viewed through the rose-colored glasses worn by a couple of Midwesterners transplanted to the Pacific Northwest.

If you're just getting to know this silly duo, be forewarned: they are about as silly and random as they come, and they're now influencing the next generation.

  • Frank is Deaf and has a bad habit of pulling hearing pranks when people are watching.
  • Pam is hearing and likes to tell people how Frank never listens to her.
  • (Rachel is their poor teenager who tends to roll her eyes a lot.)
None of them can do anything "Normal."

Are you ready for their next adventure?
Brace yourself.