With us it's always something.

Follow this chronicle of Pam and Frank's latest adventures through family life with silly kid(s), recipes that sometimes actually turn out as planned, road trips, garden plants and bugs, goofy pets, crafty homemaker-y stuff, and various home improvement projects...

All viewed through the rose-colored glasses worn by a couple of Midwesterners transplanted to the Pacific Northwest.

If you're just getting to know this silly duo, be forewarned: they are about as silly and random as they come, and they're now influencing the next generation.

Frank is Deaf and has a bad habit of pulling hearing pranks when people are watching.
Pam is hearing and likes to tell people how Frank never listens to her.
(Rachel is their poor teenager who tends to roll her eyes a lot.)
None of them can do anything "Normal."

Are you ready for their next adventure?
Brace yourself.