Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Adventures" returns!

Crack open a cold beer and toss a handful of confetti into the air and help us celebrate! (Torn bits of bar napkin will suffice if confetti is scarce.) After a 5-year hiatus, the Adventures of Pam and Frank have finally returned.

Not surprisingly, the return of "The Adventures of Pam and Frank" coincides with ...
(drumroll please)
... home improvements.

Yes, we still live in an apartment, but a flooring replacement drama got us thinking. Well, it got Pam thinking. And grumbling. And Frank typed a nice letter to the apt manager explaining his plight of having to live with a grumpy wife who complains daily about the not-quite-finished flooring replacement. One fine day Pam told a friend about "the toilet drama." The friend said, "You are going to write up that story, Dr. Seuss-style. I want to read it whe you are done."

In the midst of rhyming the words leak, reek, and freak, Pam realized it was high time to revive the hibernating periodical. Yes, the old website died and faded away, so "back issues" are not readily available. (Ok, Pam has printouts of every newsletter update ever sent. At her desk. At her day job.)

If you would like to subscribe to updates to "The Adventures of Pam and Frank," register a user name with this blog host and follow the instructions to subscribe to this blog. Just click the orange square at the top to get started.

Stay tuned for the story of the toilet drama.

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