Thursday, May 22, 2008

The 15th Anniversary of Pam & Frank

Don't be misled by the title; this is our wedding anniversary today, not the 15 year anniversary of this blog. As we tell others, "Fifteen years - and we haven't killed each other yet..."

Hard to believe we've been married that long. Doesn't seem like it.
And we still make each other laugh, so I guess there's hope for another 15 short years.

Anyway, since Frank has to get up so flippin' early in the morning, I set up the coffee maker for him and stuck the post it note on the coffee maker so he didn't dump out the fresh coffee grounds or overflow the reservoir with water.

Then Rachel asked me to have him do a little laundry switcheroo when he gets up so her jeans are dry in time to get dressed for school. (She frequently runs a load at night when she goes to bed.)

I decided to wish him a happy anniversary since I probably won't see him much today, with all our running around and Rachel's orchestra concert tonight. It was at that point I got a little punchy...
And Rachel is wayyyy too much like her goofy parents.

Frank's view at 3:30am.

Our family message center.

Two frequently used notes and one special message.
The special message reads:
I love you
xoxoxo (heart)
From - Guess Who .

Rachel's contribution.
She smacked her hand on her forehead and exclaimed, "My God, you guys are dorks."
Then she added a note of her own.

One final note from Rachel.

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