Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The "Before" Pictures: first floor

We had gotten the key earlier that day and were given the go-ahead to enter after 5pm when all of the mortgage funding had been completed. (A little different from how things went down in Mpls, but... whatever.) After I got home at 9pm, we grabbed the dog and walked over to check it out. Rachel and I took a collection of pictures while we were there.

I love Rachel's pictures. She laid on the dining room floor and shot picture after picture of Caesar. Look at his wagging tail. Funny pooch.

Yes, there is a resident family of elves living in the cupboard under the stairs.

Without giving you captions for each individual picture, I'll explain here. What you see is the living room and stairs to the second floor.

Beyond the living room with the hideously gigantic mirror (that we asked them to take with them but I guess we bought it - anyone want a mirror?) is the 8'x8' dining room, sliding glass door to the patio, and the kitchen sans refrigerator.

We'll have to get our extra fridge out of storage this weekend.

(Yes, that is a burned out light bulb. You are very observant.)

No, our fridge doesn't fit in the spot - too tall, at least. This means we get to learn quickly how kitchen cabinets are installed so we can un-install the cabinet over the fridge space. I think we'll just move the cabinet up. On the other hand, there is a water line going to the fridge so for the first time ever we will be able to hook up the ice maker. Yippee! Now nobody (all of us) gets blamed (by me) for being the idiot who put the empty ice tray back in the freezer!

Rachel was smart to bring dog toys which she tossed for our hyper pooch to gladly run after.

Frank checked out the instructions left on the counter and then became his goofy self, catching my eye in the mirror and daring me to take pictures of him, then hamming it up and flexing his muscles, then lifting his shirt to check out his pecs. Yah, right. Ok.

You know that look that wives give their husbands? The one where the wife rolls her eyes and shakes her head and you just know she's thinking,
"Good grief, how many kids do I really have?!"

I do that a lot.

Here's a link to the rest of the photos from this flickr set: Home Improvements

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