Friday, November 7, 2008

Standing in the Santiam River

A meme was recently sent to me and since I can never answer the questions with just one or two words my long long reply is usually a good book.

One question wanted to know what I do to relax. Good question, since my favorite form of relaxation is only available in the summer. The holidays are coming and I think I'll need some winter relaxation suggestions.

Here's the question and my answer:

26. What do you do to relax?
I've got 3 boob tubes at home... I have a membership at Massage Envy in Keizer... No, for serious relaxation, how about standing waist-deep in water at the beach (I'd recommend something warmer than at the Oregon Coast, but you need big waves ... Lake Superior is a good choice) and letting the force of the waves push you back and forth. All those ions are really good for you. No beach with tolerable-warm water? Go to North Fork on the Santiam River and sit on a slightly submerged rock and let the water rush over your shoulders. That'll do the trick.

No, really, I'm serious!

What do you think would be a good winter alternative?

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