Monday, December 22, 2008

It's a really good excuse. Really! I even have pictures.

I'm way behind on stuff. The recent storm after storm after storm didn't help. I've said it before and I'll say it again: It doesn't snow here.

Last Sunday we had a bit of rain. Oh, yeah, and the temperature was an unbelievable 24 degrees.

Fluffy white rain. I think you Midwesterners might refer to that as snow, but it's not snow. It's just rain that got a little too cold. Because remember, it doesn't snow here.

Typical winter weather we've had all week, too. (I'm talking about the heavy rains.) In fact today was the start of week two of our typical heavy winter rain storms. It's the rainy season. Only problem, the temp hasn't gotten above 32 for more than a few hours an any given day. The temp has gone up just long enough to melt the previous day's snowfall into a slick crust that's impossible to walk on and dangerous to drive on.

Oh and by the way, since it doesn't snow here, the city doesn't have much equipment or know-how in the way of dealing with roads. Duluth, MN could teach this hilly town (and PDX as well) a thing or two, but it's been crazy what with the ice and snow. Since last week we've gotten well over 18 inches of snow. That's how deep it is on our patio bench, anyway. I'll share the pictures with you later.

Anyway, I wanted to explain this before you read the next chronological post (above): The Wordle thing. It has nothing to do with snow but explains why I'm taking on this project at this late date: I'm doing my Xmas cards.

Yes, I know it's late in the day on December 22. If you know me at all, this is to be expected, anyway.

Ok. Check out the post above. I jotted down phrases that explain our past year. I'm going to run them through and make a pretty picture.

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