Friday, January 2, 2009

More about the kitchen

The Black Hole, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

We call this part of the kitchen "The Black Hole." When we moved in, Dad had to use a saw to cut away a half inch of the countertop and he had to remove the trim from the upper cupboard so the fridge would fit in the opening. Then he stood on the countertop and pushed the fridge away from the countertop as Frank and I pushed.

The good news was that the fridge was in. The bad news is that it's not coming out.

My arms are too short to reach the upper cupboards back here, so not much is stored in them. Hence the name: The Black Hole. While mostly useless wasted space, it is a good place to stash pretzels and small appliances...

Oh, and yes, one cupboard door is missing. I took it off when I got tired of not being able to open the door more than 90 degrees. The stove vent hood prevented the door from opening any more than that, and accessing that cupboard meant sticking your head in the space to the right of the fridge, then twisting around to look into the cupboard.

Our next major purchase will be a full kitchen remodel.

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