Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rachel's essay on not feeling like writing an essay

Note: This is an essay that Rachel wrote for school. 
Hopefully (her mother says,) there will be many more. 
Hopefully (Rachel says,) this is the last one she will ever have to write. 

Essay writing is the most tedious thing any teenager could do. In fact it's never going to get done if we don't feel like it. Essays are a downer to anyone's homework load. I despise essays, but I'll give you some tips for when you do feel like it.

Tip number one:
Watch TV in between paragraphs for one round until the commercial, then write a paragraph and watch some more. Don't knock it 'till you try it. It worked for me. I watched "Liar, Liar" with Jim Carrey. Unfortunately it was over before I finished this which leads me to...

Tip number two:
Intervals, Intervals, Intervals! Get a timer or a mother to tell you that it's break time. Either 15 minutes or just write 6 sentences then get up and mess around for 15. Just don't forget to go back to essay writing or you're in big trouble when it's due.

Tip number three:
If you're working on your rough draft you can doodle on the margins and sides. Try to concentrate on topic though when building stick figures, even if you're making fun of its boring-ness. Pretty simple, eh? Well that's tip number three.

Putting these tips to use of course requires basic logic and a boring essay to write. Now you can waste time without wasting it. Maybe even procrastinate while procrastinating... Maybe, but I'll do that tomorrow.

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