Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

DSCN9305 hosta

We don’t have any big May Day festivals here in Salem like they do at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis, and there’s nothing special going on around town today, but that isn’t stopping me from pausing to enjoy how absolutely gorgeous today is. To me, May 1st is kind of a personal, unofficial first day of summer that wakes up my Earth Mama Muse. Today is a double whammy of good, since it’s not only May 1st, but also brilliantly sunny and 61 degrees.

three lonely tulips, a hydrangea (still twigs, but wait until July), and thousands of bluebells

Every year around the beginning of May, I get the urge to do gardening, bird-feedering, and outdoor craft projects. The craft projects haven’t started yet (although there’s no excuse… wait, there is. I need to rig up some sort of table to work at.) Anyway, I thought it would be fitting to share some gardening pictures to kick off my personal unofficial first day of Summer.


the gate to our back yard

flowering vine over the back gate

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