Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Forced Cuddling, a tutorial by Ollie

When Frank was on chemo last winter, (the chemo pump is the black thing he wears on the strap) he would lounge on the couch with his laptop and surf the internet.

Ollie, our doofus cat, knew Frank was an easy target for forced cuddling.


Ollie’s method is simple. Walk across your target’s human’s chest. When you come across an area that is even slightly horizontal (anything less than 90 degrees will work), lean in until your body flops onto a soft surface.

In this case it was too easy, since Frank was already reclined on the couch.


Don’t worry about sliding or rolling off the human. An arm will always come out and catch you from falling onto the floor. Also, don’t worry if the arm is busy doing something else, (Frank’s computer mouse is in his hand in the top picture) because the human will always put your needs and safety first.


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