Monday, September 17, 2012

So here’s what really happened

whoops!Last week I teased my Facebook friends with this picture of my left foot in a walking cast, asking them to come up with a story about what happened here. “Can your crazy story top what actually happened?” I asked.
Almost all thhe replies were fantastic stories and I wish they were ALL true. it certainly would make for an interesting Christmas newsletter at the end of the year.

The real story may not involve shitkickers, mermaids, chewing gum, ducks, cats, Norwegian fjords, or a left leg that has gone to the dark side…
You recall last Sunday I posted about our trip to Cape Perpetua? There’s a video of Rachel standing next to the big tide pool while the wave comes in, swamping her on the sand. When it was my turn to hop off the big rock and run to the beach, I watched the waves come in then recede. Finally there was that one little moment when the sand was above water, so I jumped and ran.
I landed wrong.
My left foot hurt.
For two weeks.
The cast is a diagnostic test to see if I either strained or ruptured a tendon in my foot. Nice, eh? Yes, this is the foot that recently had surgery for an unrelated problem. Yes, I am still in PT for the torn ACL on my right knee… I’m a klutzy dork and you love me for it.
~ pam    
PS: Here are the other stories, from Facebook:
  • Saw a mother duck and her ducklings cross the road but the ducklings were unable to hop up the curb. I stopped and went to help, stepped on the grating w/my high heals, caught my heal in one of the holes as mamma duck flew at my head. I ducked (get it?) and twisted and forgot about my stuck shoe. Broke both tib and fib? How'd I do???
  • I think kicking a cat is a bad idea.
  • You went exploring the majestic fjords, and ended up meeting a nord who immediately pushed you off a cliff because he's a gigantic jerk.
  • Ummm you went line dancing and slipped on a marble causing a cascade of dominoing shitkickers, with one unfortunately landing RIGHT on your ankle causing it to shatter and when you  went down, as you were screaming about missing your river dancing class which was up next, you landed on top of a random thought-she-was-famous-but-really-wasn't country singer who used her guitar to smack your calf causing more injuries, not only to your leg, but to your ego. Am I close?
  • You were swimming in the North Santiam River and slipped on a rock while wading to the middle. You slipped under the water and got your foot stuck between two rocks. Just as you were about out of air, a mermaid came along and got your foot out and carried you back to shore. Am I close?
  • Walking and chewing gum at the same time would be my
  • Left leg turned to the dark side. Apparently the force is not strong with you. Lol
  • Pam,,what did I say the last time you walked, signed and texted???. its gonna cause you to end up in the hospital!!!!!

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