Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cheap Bargain Decorating

Each curtain panel: $3 twin flat sheet from Walmart x 2 sheets = $6
Curtain rod: $5.99 from Big Lots
I already had the clip rings, but you can buy a set of 12 from Wally World or Big Lots for about $7-12.

The basket was bought at Goodwill for $6.99. I used a full can of red spray paint, which cost me $2.49. The basket is supposed to hold the dog's blankets, but it might end up hiding a cat as he waits to pounce on someone to passing by... (This is Ollie, contemplating jumping on the window sill. I placed rocks up there to discourage lounging. And curtain destroying.)

As for the irritating room layout, that's the front door on the left and the stairs take off to the right. As you can see, there are no corners in this end of the living room, so furniture placement stinks. (I'm standing in the doorway to the dining room. No corners on this end, either.) This is the entire width of the LR, too. The couch on the left is pushed against the wall and the dresser & tv cabinet (dark furniture) on the right are pushed tight against the wall. That's it.

And in between the couch and tv is a major traffic pathway to get from the front door to the dining room & kitchen.

Hey, if you have any furniture arranging tips, send them my way, will ya?


  1. Those curtains look lovely! I could use help with decorating ya know? I'm both untalented and cheap. I'm not all bad.
    Sorry the space is so small. It will hold less clutter.

  2. I think the blue walls have got to go. When I bought the paint I thought it was grey. Maybe this summer I'll repaint... kind of a warm taupe, I'm thinking... That'll look better with the red accents we have all around the LR, DR, and kitchen.