Friday, March 27, 2009

The shelves

Here's what I did with the shelves.

There is no real storage in the little downstairs half bath, where Rachel does her hair and brushes her teeth before school. There is a cabinet under the sink that is used to store paper products and cleaning supplies (and half cans of paint, since they could freeze in the garage over the winter.) There's also a cheap little cabinet over the toilet but the storage in it is marginal at best.

No, no medicine cabinet over the sink. Just a big honkin' ugly mirror. That thing needs to go, I tell ya. What's the deal with mirrors in this place, anyway? There's a 10 foot long mirror dominating the living room, too.

Yeah, these shelves are visible if you're sitting on the porcelain throne, but you can't see them from the living room when the door is opened, so it works.

I love bargain hunting & fixing up. I think we've got about $10 in shelves here, $.25 in paint, a buck for the plate hanger, a buck for the funky plate (we had that before)...

...and over $100 in hair products!

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