Monday, September 28, 2009

Lunch Saga, Part 1

For the last few years I have had dishes and flatware as well as my lunch stolen from the lunch bag I keep in the refrigerator down in the break room here at work. It's so frustrating to go to a deli and pick up 2-3 days worth of lunchy stuff only to find my empty lunch bag sitting on top of the fridge the next day when I want to eat lunch. My home silverware collection has dwindled to the point where I'm considering buying a whole new set so we have enough forks and spoons to get us through a meal.

I blame the night cleaning guy for throwing it in the trash, but I could be wrong.

My lunch bag has a bright ribbon on it so I can identify it in the fridge, (my name is even written on the ribbon) and there's now a big nasty note taped inside the lid that basically says "Keep Out and Stop Stealing My Sh!t" This has helped... until today when the most bizarre thing happened.
Today I went to get a snack out of my lunch bag and couldn't find it in the fridge where I usually keep it. I looked on top of the fridge, in the cupboards, then had the thought that someone finally stole or threw away the entire bag. A little voice in my head suggested I open the other side of the fridge, just in case.

Voila! There it is...on a shelf I never use, with my bright ribbon facing the back of the fridge.

I opened it up, pushed aside my nasty note, and was amazed to discover someone's package of hot dogs tucked in the back behind my yogurt, a bagel, and today's lunch, which was brought in on Friday.

Huh. Is this a gift?
Or have they been having the same problem I'm having and thought it would be more secure in my bag with the nasty note inside?

Since they didn't leave me any buns or ketchup, I decided to remove the hot dogs and place them on the shelf where my bag had been sitting (on the other side of the fridge from where I always keep my bag.) Then I put my bag back in its usual space, turned so I can see the bright ribbon right in front.

I'm debating putting a note on the fridge to let the hot dog owner know where they can find their lunch...

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