Sunday, March 21, 2010


Some of my very creative friends have been creating acronyms lately. (They're bored.)

Today's word is: admiral

Here is what they have come up with so far....
  1. A dreamer's mentality is really animalistic lies!!!!
  2. a demons mask internally, reeks a lot.
  3. All Day men insist Raylene's are luscious
  4. Another day makes Isabel really angry, LIAR.
  5. And Dexter makes Isabel recognize all lies!!
  7. Andi digs men, interesting really, all lunar-cycles
  8. Aliens derive many inter-species rascals all loony.
  9. All day menu, incommunicado raisons, A La-carte
  10. After demons make ice-cream, run all loose.
  11. Adam David Moore is really always late!!
  12. Although David may irritate Rachel, all love
  13. A dorky man internets right, aint lyin!
  14. Apples delicious make ill retch and leak
  15. A daring Many induce raspberry and lemon.
  16. Anonymous darling men instigate rave at Laguna
  17. Amorous dazzling men incarcerated return as leeches
  18. Admiring duchess mirrors iguana radiantly and laughs
  19. All Disaster Monday isn't really all laze
  20. Any day my irresponsible relative aims low
  21. As doomsday munches in, reorganize all ladles
  22. Angry demonic munchkins irritate rabbits and lizards.
  23. A disruption might include reprioritizing Andi's lament.
  24. All dumb movies include racing alligator legs
  25. Andi decides, "maybe I'll Relocate at lanai."
  26. Anchovies disgust moms, ignoring rugrats ate lots
  27. Alabamaslammas do make illegal retaliators all lovers.
  28. A detailed magazine investigates real-estate agents lying.
  29. Accountants demand management includes reality as loss-cause.
  30. Aspirational dog-lovers must investigate arf logarithms
  31. Art does magic in real adult lives
  32. Arch dioses meet in Rome about Lutherans
  33. Artichokes do make interesting remoulade at lunch
  34. Abaci destroy math ignaceously reinterpreting all lava
  35. Achtung defines men investigated rationally at laboratories
Can you think of any more?

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