Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happiness is... matching socks and deodorant

Do you remember what life was like last time you moved? Boxes everywhere and chaos at home until you got settled and put everything away...

This move is like that, x3. With only a couple weeks to find a new place and pack and move, we did whatever we had to do to get it done in the limited time allowed. Pam even had to go out of town for a long weekend during the move. It was tough but it's half done now. The old place is nearly empty (after one last small load tonight) and the new place has boxes and piles stacked in every room and down the long hallway.

Pam will be going out of town again for a whole week, starting Saturday, and Frank and Rachel will have to figure some things out on their own... or live with the mess until mom comes home.

Regardless, Pam has decided today is a good day: she's wearing matching socks and was able to find some of Frank's deodorant to use until hers shows up again.

Stay tuned for pictures!

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