Friday, April 2, 2010

It's the little things...

We're in the process of moving our of our horrible condo and into a bigger home.

The new place has a traditional, full-size dining room. Yes, I realize there are no pictures of the house included here. I've been too busy to take any, but I PROMISE you there will be pictures. Lots of them.


The new place is much bigger than the condo but the littlest things are making the biggest change.

Last weekend Frank pulled our big old dining room table out of storage and set it up at the house. On Wednesday, I picked up Chinese take-out on my way home for work and met Frank and Rachel at the house for dinner. We sat around the table, not only eating, but telling funny stories about Caesar and the cats, giggled about something-or-other, and laughed at Frank's funny noises.

Last night, still busy with moving, Frank and Rachel picked up burritos from our favorite Mexican dive (now just a couple blocks from home!), and we sat around the big table and giggled about this-n-that, had a contest to see who could make the funniest noise, and then laughed so hard we choked on our drinks.

Today I realized this was the first time in about a year when we could all sit around our own table for dinner. Yes, there are just three of us, but our awful condo is so small that we can't even sit around our tiny little table for dinner. Isn't that sad? We ate dinner in front of the tv in the living room for a year because there was no other place we could sit and be in the same room together.

It's just a little thing to be able to have family dinner together around a table, but amid the boxes and moving mess, the new place already feels like we've finally come home.

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  1. Congratulations! Some of the best memories are made around the dining room table while sharing a meal with loved ones. I wish you and your family well.