Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ollie’s New Cat Toy

The other day, I had a plate full of tomatoes from the garden.


The next day, a whole bunch of cherry and pear tomatoes were ready.


I also plucked two red jalapenos off Frank’s plant. (Aren’t these colors beautiful?)


I had to run up to visit Frank at the hospital that afternoon, so I put all the tomatoes and both red peppers on a plate to wait for me to get back and do something with them.

The next morning, one of the peppers was missing. It was later discovered on the floor in the hallway. I thought that was odd, but picked it up and put it back on the plate.

An hour later, one of the tomatoes had rolled off the plate and onto the floor.

At lunchtime, I wandered into the kitchen and saw Ollie on the counter, tossing the tomato and pilfering the pepper … again.




I sat quietly with a book until there was a commotion in the hallway. It was Ollie and the red jalapeno.


The fun ended up in the bathroom…


… and due to cat teeth marks and the fact that it was batted around on the bathroom floor means that this poor pepper will not be eaten by humans.

I’m not sure where the pepper is at this moment, but right now Ollie is very interested in something under the couch.

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