Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Isn’t that nice that we can say that in this letter and nobody is offended? Sometimes it’s hard to say anything without looking around to make sure everyone’s still smiling.

Our past year has been a mix of the “same-old, same-old” with a few new developments. For one new thing, we finally got out and did some exploring in this part of Oregon and discovered a swimming hole. They’re rare around here, compared to the thousands of swimming spots back home in WI and MN. The ocean, while only an hour’s drive, is way too cold and violent for swimming. Really, you can’t do much more than wade into the turbulent 35-degree water. At least you can hold your breath as you ease yourself into Lake Superior. (In August.) Anyway, we visited North Fork Park on the Santiam River, up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Lots of sun-warmed rocks to sit on, small rapids to bang your tail bone on as the water pushes you downstream, and strong undercurrents that make mothers of floating kids panic and seek rescue from complete strangers. The dog (part Dachshund, remember? This means he has short legs,) would try to step up and over the water, which resulted in a lot of splashing when he walked. Of course, that meant our four-legged furry bug chaser had to nip at the splashes, in case they were something good to eat. I think he peed out a gallon of river water before we got back in the van and headed home. We had a great time on our first visit and returned two days later to tempt fate again.

While reading this are you asking, "Has 'The Adventures of Pam and Frank' really been revived?"

Why yes, yes it has. If you have no idea why you are asking yourself this, you probably didn't know that Adventures started about eight years ago as an email update on the progress of us fixing up and selling our first little house in Minneapolis. We had stories of broken storm windows, toilet overflows, and spider eggs hatching. This later evolved into a time consuming website with monthly updates and stories. When we moved out here to Oregon, we just weren’t able to keep up with the website and it vanished. The new and improved Adventures of Pam and Frank is now a blog (which is what it really was in the first place, only that was before blogs were officially invented.) What’s a blog? That’s a fancy name for Web Log. An online journal, of sorts, where we can write articles and you can read them. You can even comment on them for others to see. We have two active blogs.

The Adventures of Pam and Frank is for family updates, pictures, and stuff.

Ok, really, you're here right now. Save this in your favorites and visit often. We update this particular blog at least once a month.

The other one, Pam’s Inbox, is a growing, categorized collection of all the stuff Pam gets emailed to her, minus three things:

  • Chain Letters – “Send this to 5 funny women you know.” Or, “Send this to 20 friends within 3 minutes and your wish will come true; send this to only 5 friends and you will die in a horrible car crash.”
  • Glurge - “I want you to know you’re very special to me; return this email to me so I know I’m special to you too.”
  • and Angels – they just aren’t all that funny.
Save this blog in your favorites, too. Pam updates this site at least once a week with silly stuff, redneck pictures, and jokes you should tell your mother.

Meanwhile, read on - the stories here of Frank, Pam, and Rachel were this year's treats in our Christmas Card 2007.

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