Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hot ovens, sharp blades, and darn tough pizza

Just started nosing through a used book on roasting that Frank picked up recently. All the recipes seem to have the oven stuck on 500°F, but hey, our oven goes that high so we'll do it.

I've also been on a cooking and baking kick lately and there's no stopping soon. (Nobody's complaining.) That, on top of all of Frank's food, and I figured we may end up having something useful or interesting to say now and again on the topic of food and cooking.

Next on our shopping list for food equipment (no, we do not have enough) is a microplane. Hmmm, and a good-sized hunk of Parmesan. And maybe a lemon to play with. I also wouldn't mind getting some sort of pan to cook pizza in - one that will not burn the crust (my usual flavor) or leave it soggy and tough. You see, I decided that I want to try making pizza from scratch on a regular basis until I can make an excellent crust without using a recipe or measuring cups. It'll take practice. Join us for supper?

Bring your spare teeth until I get the crust right.

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