Thursday, February 21, 2008


This week I decided that I am going to bring my plates to an Memorial Day art fair at the Lincoln Co fairgrounds in Newport, Oregon.

The first hurdle is getting the day off my regular job (weird work schedule). The second hurdle is figuring out how much merchandise I need to bring. Will be checking with the local artist on the coast who invited me to participate, and maybe will also check with the local Chamber of Commerce as well. This is the Cause for Paws benefit for the Lincoln County Animal Shelter, and it's an annual event, so I plan to check with them as well to see how they've done in the past.

The third hurdle is the hardest: I'm going to have to sew and sew and sew until I can't stand it. Then I'll get up and stretch before sewing some more. I have some product, but not nearly enough for any kind of art fair.

(10 minutes later) BTW, did you know that Blogger (that's the vehicle for this blog, if you're not familiar with all of this blogging stuff) has an autosave feature? I have to say I LOVE IT! My computer just shut itself off a few minutes ago without warning. When I got it back on I cringed as I checked this post and was relieved to see that nothing was lost. And I'm a fast typist - 70wpm.
Yep. Autosave is amazing!

Oooooh-kay. So. Art fair. Newport, Oregon. May.
I have time. (If I don't sleep between now and then.)
I hope.

Note to self: No more dinking around on the computer from home. Save the dinking around for when you're at your day job.

Note to others: Yeah, I'm fairly sure my boss will read this. I love my job.

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