Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nerdy excitement

I admit it, I'm a big nerd. Those of you who really know me well have probably realized how appropriately named I am. Pam spelled backwards is map and I gotta say I love maps. Some of you realized this long ago and have since given up on trying to understand. It's okay.

It's an ongoing obsession for me. At work while I'm on a phone call and waiting on hold, I'll pull out my big atlas (everybody in my department has one) and study the region that my caller is in. I try to figure out the topography based on roads and rivers, and try to get an idea whether my caller is more rural or urban. I look for funny names in the map. (For example, there is a Jackass Creek between here and the coast. That cracks me up every time we drive past it.)

No surprises to anyone when I added the little ClustrMap on the side of this blog. I added one to my Pam's Inbox blog, too. When you visit either blog, the map collects the geographical info from your ISP. Or in simpler terms, it puts a red dot on the map to show where your internet comes from. Small towns may have a dot at the nearest city, but it gets close. The bigger the dot, the more visits from that area.

Imagine my nerdy excitement when, about a month after installing these maps, I see I've had visitors from Western Canada, Texas, the middle of the USA, the North Atlantic, and Detroit! Yes, I also see your visits from The Twin Cities, Northern Wisconsin, Florida, Southern California, New Mexico, Idaho, and Oregon - those I expected to see. I just didn't know I knew anyone in these other places and I have to say I am absolutely thrilled. Hello everyone! (I'm waving.)

Hold on to your hat; there's more. I clicked over to my Inbox blog and just about fell out of my chair. France, England, Germany, Netherlands, and Finland! (Wanna see? Click here, then scroll down to find the map.)

I'm absolutely beside myself with glee.

Will you do me a crazy favor? Will you send a link of this and/or my other blog to someone far away? Know anyone in Asia, Africa, South America, or Australia? Greenland? Hawaii? To see so many dots scattered all over the world would put a huge grin on my face for months and drive Frank and Rachel absolutely nuts to see me so ecstatic over something so nerdy.
Thanks! xoxo

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