Friday, February 1, 2008

The Collage

Since registering my business, Pass It On Plates, I've been getting some interesting stuff in the mail. Yeah, lots of credit card orders and free pens with my name printed on them, but also some packaging and store fixture catalogs. (I'm registered as an online store, so uh, not really sure why they think I need clothing racks and glass cases, but hey I'll thumb through their catalog. Always been curious how much those things cost, anyway. Maybe I'd want something as a household fixture or garden ornament. You never know.)

Tonight Rachel had no friends to chat with on My Space. That's a first. So she's bored and wants some magazines to cut up and make a collage for her school binder. I'd just thrown out a bunch of catalogs and magazines, so I shrugged and indicated the store fixture catalog sitting on the dining room table. I have no plans to buy printable shopping bags or t-shirt folding boards (they're $98 for the cheap ones!) so she can hack it into pieces for her art.

She worked quietly for 30 minutes so I checked on her to see what she's got so far. Large exclamation points, fisheye mirrors, and mannequins. Sounds like she's planning on creating a shocking scenario...
Uh, I don't think I wanna know. I'll plead innocent when her principal emails me to schedule a discussion about Rachel's binder. Oh. She says she plans on dressing her people with random articles of clothing. This ought to be interesting.

The catalog first arrived in the mail yesterday, so I browsed through it over dinner. When I came to the mannequin page, I stopped. Frank and Rachel happened to look at the catalog at that moment and we all exclaimed, "I want one of those!" They're just $389 for the full body, sans hair and anatomically correct naughty bits. A bargain, really.

Some mammequins are . . whoops. Well, no, actually that's correct. Some are mammequins. Others are mannequins. I was going to say some are only the top half of the body and some are the bottom half. Both genders are represented, so yes, we have mannequin bottom halves and mammequin top halves.
The point I was going to make is that some mannequins are rather endowed (yet smooth like Barbie's gay friend Ken) and Rachel decided that it'd probably be better if she omitted them from the collage. At least she knows where to draw the line.

When the masterpiece is finished I'll post a photo of it for you to admire. God help us all.


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