Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pam & Frank's Shenanigans

Normally I would put a funny email in Pam's Inbox, and this one is probably already buried in there. Today I had this one forwarded to me again and I had to fwd it to some friends who are just getting to know me (wish them luck!) along with some comments.

The email is the letter from Wal-Mart asking a woman shopper to leave her retired husband at home because of his shenanigans in the store. To see the entire email, click here.

The comments I sent to my two (hopefully still?) friends were:

I love this email.
I would do those things. I'm just a big chicken and know I would get caught and banned from the store.

Wait, I have done the second one before, and not just at Walmart. Target, Penny's, my High School Home Ec room...

I've also played hide and seek at our regular neighborhood grocery store with my husband after bar closing time.

Had we been drinking? Oh nnnno, not at all.

Did the manager ask me if I was "Finding everything ok?" Yepper. (He wanders arond the store and asks shoppers that question 24 hours a day.)

I giggled and said, "Yeah, I can't find my husband."

He said, "Aisle 6."

Sure enough, Frank was crouched behind a pallet of canned food.

That's the same store where we once bought a month worth of food and stuff, and the last thing we put on the belt at checkout was a huge bale of toilet paper. I asked the clerk if he thought we had enough paper for all the food we were buying.

He stuttered, "Uh, yeah, maybe. I guess so." I translated for Frank, who wanted to know if our canned beans to paper ratio was properly balanced. I didn't translate that for the clerk. I think he'd had enough.

Now I'm a mother of a 12 year old and I'm such a GOOD influence on her!

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