Saturday, March 15, 2008

A typical dinner at our house...

You know, I just have to tell you something about my darling husband...
(BTW that picture of him on our Adventures blog is the same facial expression he tried using at the DMV when he got his new drivers license. They wouldn't let him, though.)

With any story about Frank you have to keep in mind that he has been totally Deaf since age 2 (doesn't remember sounds or what it's like to be Hearing) and he doesn't speak or talk. We use Sign Language at home to communicate. He normally doesn't make any vocalizations about anything, so that made a little event at supper the other night surprisingly funny.

Also, I have to share with you two that he has an uncanny knack for understanding words and sounds well enough to make word jokes that are actually funny. He also must be psychic or something because his co-workers and I frequently swear he's really hearing and just fakes being Deaf. I was at his work the other day and was talking about him to one of the ladies and he walked by and said, "Hey, stop talking about me."

Ok so... The other night we had some sausage that I thought was too salty and I'm not a big sausage person, so yuck. (My bad; I'm the one who cooked 'em.) I finished my salad and stuff and asked if he wanted the rest of my sausage. I guess it's a guy thing to like greasy salty food, because he took it. I have a strict "Eat with your fork not your fingers" rule at home, so I gave him The Look as he sloppily grabbed the sausage slices off my plate with his hand and plopped them on his plate. I'm not talking about using just his fingertips, I'm talking about full finger pad all over those greasy salty little things.

He picked up one like a baby picks up cheerios and stuffed it in his mouth. Then he tucked his hands under his arms and flapped his "wings" and loudly said, "Bok bok bok!" like a baby bird. Rachel, the mature 12 year old dropped her fork and her jaw at the same time.
"Mooommmm. Make him stop!"

I didn't have to. He started laughing at himself and choked on the sausage.
Good thing, too. I was laughing so hard I couldn't tell him to knock it off.
When he regained his composure I saw her try to hide her hands under the table as she told him to do it again.

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