Sunday, March 16, 2008

This weekend's summary

Wow, we published several long blog posts over the last few days and wanted to summarize them for you. If you've got a long road trip or plane trip ahead of you, or are an avid bathroom reader, you can print these out and take them with you.

Here are the latest stories:

Pam & Frank grew up in northern WI and northern MN, where people still make the distinction between families descended from Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish immigrants. Where Pam grew up it was perfectly acceptable to ask someone, "What are you?" and expect an answer listing their ancestors' homeland countries. Here's a peek into the local culture and a locally recognized Finnish holiday that may or may not be real:
Three Important March Holidays this week

Still dealing with culture shock after moving from Minneapolis to Oregon over 5 years ago:
Gas Pumps in Oregon

Let's all get to know Frank and his family's dynamic a little better:
A typical dinner at our house...

...But Frank's not the only one to blame:
Pam & Frank's Shenanigans

Mind over matter?
Or Entymological Mind Control?
Here's an older story that had been lost in Yahoo and recently rediscovered:
Creepie Crawlies

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