Sunday, January 3, 2010

Adopt me please

Frank's plea on a napkin

After wandering around the Portland RV Show a few weeks ago, we stopped at a nearby Denny's for supper. We were seated at our booth minutes after a table of 15 arrived. We were handed menus, followed by water and coffee. And some half-n-half for my coffee.

We placed our orders and waited. Our waiter brought us a pot of coffee and apologized in advance for the wait - 15 orders ahead of ours in an already busy kitchen.

Being restaurant-y people, we understood. We drank more coffee and I ran out of half-n-half, so I wrote this on a napkin and pointed it at the empty containers, hoping to catch someone as they hurried past our booth.

Rachel and I were giddy and silly, as usual, and as soon as the half-n-half arrived, Frank wrote out this plea on the napkin:
"Adopt me please"

Rachel immediately used my napkin to formalize the deal...

Our waiter stopped by a minute later, saw us snickering, read the note, smiled, then said
"I don't think my dog would like it if I brought home a mutant turtle. Sorry. Good luck, though."

We tucked a 20% tip under the coffee carafe as we left for the night.

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