Tuesday, June 23, 2009

About Pam... part I

Bathtub shrine, originally uploaded by Boyce Duprey.

I grew up in a small town way at the tippy top of Wisconsin, near Lake Superior.
At the time, we had a Catholic Church (big surprise) a cheese factory (again, big surprise) and a bar. (What? A bar?? In Wisconsin???)
The perfect balance of priorities for any sensible Wisconsinite.
Actually there were two bars.

Our (unofficial) big town motto was Eat, Drink and Be Saved.

The phrase "Blink and you'll miss it" didn't apply due to the 90 degree curve in the road. Driving eastbound, you couldn't blink or you'd run directly into a bar we affectionately called the Plywood Palace. If you were coming from Ashland and heading west, you didn't dare blink to miss the town or you'd drive smack into the wall of the cheese factory and knock over the Virgin Mary's blue bathtub.

If you grew up in the upper Midwest, you know exactly why Mary needs a bathtub and what shade of blue it is.

bathtub shrine, originally uploaded by zoe.stonyk.

Of course I was an outcast there because we went to the Lutheran Church...
...which was located in the next town, across the street from our rival high school.

We were rebels, I tell ya.

Stay tuned for the next post where I'll show you the Plywood Palace.
You're not going to believe it.

Well, you might, if you're from Wisconsin, eh.

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  1. Mwahhaha! My husband is from WI and I was SHOCKED at the number of Catholic Churches and bars in each town! Even more shocking, we went to his church's Summer Fun Day picnic-type thing and there was a BEER TENT! On church property! Unheard of! I just....was aghast that they would be drinking at church grounds! Or even admit that they drink OFF church grounds! The devil's drink!