Thursday, June 4, 2009

Craigslist ad - want a hamster cage?

I was having so much fun writing Craigslist ads that I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

Besides, maybe you're interested in some crap from our garage?
Sure you are.

Here is exactly how this item is listed on Craigslist:

We got this critter trail cage for Paul The Hamster a while back. Paul's now in a different cage, and this neat hamster haven is available to you.

The cage has tubes for your little critter to crawl around and you can get parts to add on and make a maze of tubes as big as you want. There are two missing parts that we cannot locate, though. There is a green ball that sits on the opening at the top of the cage, and the water bottle goes in the smaller opening. You can pick up these parts at any pet store (we got the original cage from PetCo or Pet Smart, I can't remember which.)

If you already have some tubes and parts, this would be a great second cage that your hamster could crawl to.

Oh, and for free, we'll throw in the black rubber band around the little space pod sticking up at the top of the cage. Paul figured out how to open it up and got out one night while we were sleeping. Our dog showed us Paul's hiding spot when we got up the next morning, and it took one more escape before we humans figured out what the problem was. Lucky for you, we've already retrofitted the space pod with the rubber band so it's not also an escape hatch!

You're probably looking at the pictures and wondering about the blue ball and running wheel. We're adding those as a bonus to you. The blue ball has a locking cap so you can put your critter in it, click the cap on, and watch your hamster roll around the house. This is a lot of fun and keeps your critter safe from the dog or cat or ... from getting lost! The ball fits small to medium hamsters - a large hamster would need to bend his little body to fit in here, which eventually turned out to be big Paul's problem.

The running wheel is one of those silent types. Ok, it made a little clicking noise, but we were able to keep it in the kiddo's bedroom at night and she was not kept awake by that annoying squeaky wheel. You can fit the wheel in this cage or add it to any other hamster cage.

One last note: we sanitized all of these pieces by soaking them in a bleach solution then running them through the dishwasher, so they're all nice and clean and ready for use.

Asking $20 OBO for the set shown in the pictures.

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