Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spooning in the garden

It's birthday season here in Oregon. The first birthday of the year was in early April and I'm still feeling guilty that the birthday gifts are sitting on my buffet. (The shipping box isn't big enough and every time I get a bigger box I add a few more things and then I need a bigger box. I'm hopeless...)

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, in May, we had another birthday. remember? I showed you the boxes we gift wrapped. Next one is mid to late June, then mid July, mid August, early September, three in October, three in November, then Christmas.

So anyhoo, I was poking around Etsy for gifty ideas and came across a sweet idea from Monkeys Always Look. I thought you'd like to see these charming vintage upcycled garden markers.

I love upcycled stuff!

(Oh. And my birthday is in October, so you still have time to shop for me...)

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