Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Naked Emperor on the Singapore stock market?

The other day I was looking at my flickr stats and saw that someone found my photostream through a blog called CashBench.

Curious, I clicked to find out that CashBench is, at the owner states, "An Asia-focused blog from Singapore on money tips & news."

He's using this picture to advertise his new blog's facelift.

Huh. That's pretty darned funny.

So now I wonder:
Does he know the story of The Emperor's New Clothes?

(He's got an MBA, so he's pretty smart. But he's from a different country, so maybe he just doesn't know...)

And at the same time I can't help but ask:
Who's the real fool? The person who gave the blog a facelift? Or his readers for pretending they see the new design?

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