Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where should we go? What should we do?

We live in So Lame Salem and there's nothing to do in town.

Actually, that's what the 13 year old tells me.

If you're from Salem, please comment with a list of inexpensive things a family with a 13 year old would be interested in doing. She's a tomboy who likes punk rock, dogs, and artsy fartsy stuff. DO NOT mention the Carousel or Wunderland. Those have been done to death.

My sister Sharon once referred to a family outing as "Super Family Fun Day!!" I first heard this when the kids (hers and mine) were grumbling about whatever kids tend to grumble about when the family's trying to have some fun.

We don't go have enough fun, and really need to find cheap or free things to do for a Super Family Fun Day. On a couple Sundays each month, when all the chores are done, we pile in the car and hit the road with a goal to go play.

Even if you're not from Salem, got any cheap or free ideas for a Super Family Fun Day with a teenager?


  1. Well, everybody can play catch, tag, softball, get other kids and parents and have races, throwing contest, relay races, scavenger hunts in a mall or beach, etc.

    Make friends with farm families and you can play hide and seek, play w/animals, drive trucks around in the field?

    Still hot out there?

    And they, the teenagers should be able to entertain themselves somewhat? no?

    They need country. Tell them to go get in trouble. Steal a car, find one with keys left in the ignition,etc.

    Around here they go and key cars at night. Makes people really mad.

    See who can find the most kinds of plants in the space that can be encircled with a shoe lace. Then get a book on

    wild plants and learn some good stuff.

    Run in the hose water. Have a water fight. Geeze. is yer brain dead? Just come over here and we’ll have a blast.

    Remember the beach? old plastic containers and water fights? Ruth didn’t like that. She even threatened me. and go skinny dipping.

    Have fun!

  2. Hey good ideas!
    We're actually going to invite everyone we know to a pot luck picnic in Aug. I'm asking everyone to bring outdoor games like croquet and badminton, and since we don't have outdoor games, I thought it would be fun to put together a scavenger hunt.

    ...but not one like: Bring back a live bee and a piece of poison oak...