Saturday, November 21, 2009

July Camping Trip, part 1

It occurred to me today that you haven't seen the photos from our camping trip in July. It's been pretty hectic around here since, so that's no surprise.
Without further ado, here they are...

Our very first-ever camping trip as a family was a 3-day weekend at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Central Oregon.

We had a blast.
(Figuratively, not geologically...)

Adventures of Pam & Frank
Hangin' out, originally uploaded by Adventures of Pam & Frank.

The car was full and we were anxious to get the heck on the road.
No chairs of any sort made it to the campground.
Oh well...

Adventures of Pam & Frank
Mmmmm, bacon, originally uploaded by Adventures of Pam & Frank.

Mmmmm, bacon

There were absolutely no mosquitoes to worry about, but there were lots of moths. Lucky for us (maybe lucky?) Caesar kept the tent moth-free.

Of course, there were a few slimy half-chewed moth carcasses left behind on the air mattress.

Our campsite among the ponderosa pines

At the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.
Our campsite elevation was over 6400 feet. We all experienced a few symptoms of altitude sickness, which surprised us, but on the upside it forced is to take it easy and relax. After all, it was a vacation.

Adventures of Pam & Frank
The tent, originally uploaded by Adventures of Pam & Frank.

The tent

Set up for the first time... in the dark... without instructions.
It didn't collapse on us, so we must have gotten it right!

Here's a video Rachel took that first morning.

Caesar drinking water... and more water
Dad sitting under a tree with coffee
Our pathetic campfire
Mom's clown shoes

Coming next: Camping activities

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