Saturday, November 7, 2009

Keep Portland Weird

That was on a bumper sticker we saw when we first moved here. It took a while, but now it all makes sense, and I wish more than ever that we lived right in the middle of it instead of an hour or so south... Here's some of the delightful weirdness courtesy of Flickr:
(We don't know these people, but if would be fun if we did!)

"David and his Art Trike"David and his Art Trike
David and his Art Trike, originally uploaded by gregraisman.
Makes perfect sense to me.
"Nice Socks!"
Adventures of Pam & Frank
Nice socks!, originally uploaded by METROFIETS.
Nice socks? What about that cargo bike?
What's that you say? Cargo bike?

One of the comments on this picture (by the photographer) is:
"We make them this way! This bike pictured above is just one example of the bikes we make. Any of our bikes can have a pallet or a box - just pull the box and put on the pallet - no tools required. The pallet works really well for awkward loads like couches, pet carriers, stoves, pottery wheels etc."

I don't see the need to carry my couch or pottery wheel across town on my bike... But if I could get a keg of beer on my bike, then we're in business.

"Katie getting ready for Kegging Day"
Yep, a keg on a cargo bike.
Is you jaw on the floor? Is that the most wonderful thing you've ever seen?

Just a side note: I want to paint my house to look exactly like that one in the background.

...placing my order today.
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  1. Aren't the cargo bikes awesome! There are a few xtracycles in town, Salem Bike Taxi just started service, AP uses a cargo trike for the Salem Monthly deliveries, but I haven't seen one of these "bakfiets" style bikes.

    To promote biking culture of all kinds, we have a bicycling "float" in the Dec 12 Festival of Lights Holiday Parade. We hope to see cargo bikes, freak bikes, normal bikes, kids bikes - all kinds of bikes all lit up like a green and red carnival! If you're interested, please come on out and ride with us. It's open to all! A light practice for drill-type maneuvers is tonight at Pringle Creek Community!

  2. Oh, are you serious? That's fantastic!!

    And we have a bike taxi here? I first learned about bike taxis in general when I read the news story about the pedicab driver in the orange bunny costume... that's a sad & frustrating story and I too am not satisfied with the results. But I digress.

    We can't make it to the practice, but we'll wave and hoot and holler like crazy when we see you guys in the parade!

  3. It's not necessary to attend a practice! There will be multiple pods of participants - some drilling, some just riding for silly fun. The only requirement is that on the day of parade you show up a little early to sign in! So you can still come out if you like - the more, the merrier!

  4. I just wanted to share this new study that ranked cities according to strangest: I think Portland needs to amp it's weirdness up a bit to catch up with us freaks in Lincoln, NE! :-)

  5. Awww... I'm kinda depressed now. PDX is so far down the weirdness list... Well Congrats to Lincoln! And what's that about the cat with the bong? Holy moley, I guess that is pretty weird. LOL