Monday, December 28, 2009

AdSense, Amazon, SpongeBob, and slide whistles

Frank and I have been experimenting with some new blog stuff for the new year. If you are a regular reader at his blog you might have noticed he recently added some Google AdSense spots.  He's had some of his favorite cookbooks listed on an Amazon widget on his site, and after jonesing on his widget I added one here, too.

I'll experiment with the Amazon links here, but don't be surprised if you see some weird things show up. I'm kind of attracted to totally random, silly stuff. Either way, if I come across something amazing and think you might want one too, I might blog about it here and include a link for you to get your own.

For starters, (and I'm experimenting here) Rachel and I are huge (albeit closeted) fans of SpongeBob Square Pants. We quote lines from one episide or another so often... well this morning she was saying that the fog we've been having makes us feel isolated. In the nanosecond pause we both pictured Squidward when he went into the future and ended up nowhere and everything was white. (You know exactly which episode I'm talking about, don't you?) So as Rachel was talking about the continued fog we both looked at each other and said
"Alone. alone... alone      alone   ..."

Now if I told you we really really want slide whistles really badly, you'll understand, right?
I'm gonna have to get a couple. I think the 59c variety will do. Oh look, here's a link.

I think we could stir up a good bit of mischief at the mall food court with these things, don't you?

Don't worry; I'm too thrifty to spend $9.99 on shipping for a 59c item, but next time I order something you bet I'm throwing a couple of these babies in my order.

Allrighty, so I wanted to let you know we're playing around with different ways to monetize our blogs. Just to see what happens. Of course, some days I think my mother is my only reader... Hi mom! How deep is the snow out there on the farm? Hi to John. Frank and Rachel say hi!

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