Monday, December 7, 2009

Portland isn't as weird as it thinks it is...

Well, I guess I can hang my head in disappointment now.
Both Korinne in NE and Deborah in Orlando, FL have pointed out that their town/state are weirder than dear old PDX.
Here's Deb's email - hot off the wire.
PS: I still love PDX, so there.
Science has now proven what we knew all along! ;o)
Happy weekend, eh!
Luv yuz all, ya know!

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From: News Release
Sent: Wed 11/18/2009 2:42 PM
To: Deborah
Subject: Florida Named Strangest State; NYC & Lincoln, NE Named Strangest Cities
Florida Named Strangest State; NYC & Lincoln, NE Named
Strangest Cities
(MMD Newswire) November 18, 2009 --, a new
service that helps restaurants get more customers using birthday
email clubs, has analyzed nearly 2,000 Associated Press (AP)
"strange news" stories that were released in the past year. After
segmenting all of the news stories by location, the state of Florida
was the runaway winner of's strangest state award.
Further analysis led to the conclusion that the three strangest cities
in the US over the past year were New York City, New York; Lincoln,
Nebraska; and Madison, Wisconsin respectively.
The rankings were calculated by collecting all of the AP's strange
news stories released over the past year, segmenting them by the
location where the stories took place, counting the number of stories
in each state and adjusting for population.
A sampling of the 169 strange stories that came out of Florida this
year were:
* Man calls 911 after eatery runs out of lemonade -- Boyton Beach,
* Florida lotto winner seeks to open a nude dude ranch --
Brooksville, FL
* Dead shark left in Miami street after failed sale -- Miami, FL
* Man wearing sleeping bag as cape attempts robbery -
Gainesville, FL
* Man allegedly flings jellyfish at teens at beach - Madeira Beach,
Here are the top ten strangest states in's rankings:
1) Florida
2) New Hampshire
3) Alaska
4) Wyoming
5) Maine
6) Wisconsin
7) Vermont
8) Pennsylvania
9) North Dakota
10) Ohio
The strange news data was also broken down by city, which
resulted in New York City easily winning the strangest city crown. A
few of the strange news stories out of New York City included:
* Businessman accused of demanding dentures with gun
* Turtles crawl on runway, delay flights at JFK
* Goat wanders into nursing home in the Bronx
Here are the top twenty strangest cities according to's rankings:
1) New York City, NY
2) Lincoln, NE
3) Madison, WI
4) Philadelphia, PA
5) Chicago, IL
6) Cinncinnati, OH
7) Boston, MA
8) Detroit, MI
9) Dallas, TX
10) Pittsburgh, PA
11) Columbus, OH
12) Salt Lake City, UT
13) Des Moines, IA
14) Portland, OR
15) San Antonio, TX
16) Cleveland, OH
17) Sheboygan, WI
18) Fairbanks, AK
19) Denver, CO
20) Tampa, FL
The full rankings can be found on the website at
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For more information on this story, contact:
Aaron Quinn
Phone: (888) 345-9376

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