Monday, February 22, 2010

Have you survived Monday?

I'm waiting to find out if the rest of my family did...

We told the teenager that there is to be no use of power tools without a grown up. She's doing online school from home for 8th grade (it's long story that starts with bullying...) She obeyed the No Power Tools rule, and decided to do some whittling/wood carving instead.

At noon.

She emailed me at 4 and said her thumb hurts but the bleeding has almost stopped.

That's when my heart stopped.

Since Frank is a chef who is oh-too-familiar with first aid (sharp knives and hot oven doors) I told her to have him examine the slice and gouge, and so I'm at work waiting to hear the news from "Dr. Dad" on whether I should go home or meet them at Urgent care for stitches.

*sigh* Yay, good times.

PS: Score one for Google. She Googled "first aid" and learned to clean the wound, apply pressure, and hold it above her head to make the bleeding stop.

I think that's when she said she then went back to whittling and turned the slice into a gouge.
...which is probably why it wouldn't stop bleeding the second time.

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