Monday, February 1, 2010

How clean is your coffee?

Have you ever thought about the gunk that gets stuck under the gasket in your coffee lid?
Did you even know your gasket is not permanently attached to your coffee lid? It's just snapped on like a big silicone rubber band.

Since it's not glued on, whatever is in the cup can seep under the gasket. Even if your cup is not leaky, your gasket probably has a nice build up of black gunk underneath it.

And since the contents of your cup can seep under the gasket, whatever is under the gasket will mix with the beverage in your cup...
...and you are drinking it.
Is there gunk in your groove?

You should be able to pry the gasket out of the groove with your fingernail or the tip of a spoon.

After you peel out the gasket you may be surprised or shocked or just plain grossed out to see what kind of gunk is in the groove of your coffee lid. Scrub your gasket and scrub the groove.

You can even soak it in bleach water if it makes you feel better.

When it's dry, just pop it back on like a rubber band. Just make sure the gasket doesn't twist or you'll end up with a dribble glass. Not so fun if you're drinking coffee in the car on your way to work.

(Kind of fun if you loan the cup to someone else to drink out of... Use your best judgement, though, and don't blame me if they get a little testy about coffee drips down the front of their shirt.)
Clean your other mugs

Got other car coffee mugs? If one's dirty, they're all dirty. Pull the gasket off all your mug lids and give the gasket and channel a good scrub.

Brace yourself. It's gonna be gross.
And you were drinking out of these mugs! Eeeeew.

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