Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My cute hubby

My cute hubby, originally uploaded by Adventures of Pam & Frank.

Acting like a dork.
Gosh, no wonder I love him so much!


  1. LOOOOVE THIS!!! Gezz woman where do you guys get all of your energy??? This is a fun fun fantastic blog! If I did the Adventures of Joe and Laurie it would be filled with pictures of coyotes, opposums, cats, dogs, birds, weeds, storm clouds, gardens, corn, soybeans, a woodworking bench and my glass benches....You guys are a blast!!!!!!!! With gratitude, Laurie B.

  2. Pam sez, dryly,
    "That's because we don't have a life."

    Har har har

  3. Sure looks like you're havin fun to me!!!!

  4. Yeah, I guess, but I do this during my day job.

    (It's ok, my boss knows. He just rolls his eyes and shakes his head. I'm allowed to do crafts or reading or blogging when I'm waiting for more work to cross my desk.)