Saturday, August 16, 2008

Anne-Marie's busy week!

My friend, Anne-Marie works for a local fire department and sent this email. Holy Smokes, that girl has been busy!  Whenever you see news footage of forest fires out west, the crews are often dealing with this kind the stuff. Fortunately, these areas are not remote, since I-5 is nearby, and were able to be contained quickly.
Looking at the pictures of the fire on the bluff can give you a general idea of how difficult it can be to access or navigate this western terrain. Also, the fire up on the bluffs may make you rethink Oregon's reputation for being wet and rainy all the time.
Enjoy - and be thankful for people like Anne-Marie and the fire crews she works with.

Thought I'd show off to everyone what the little town of Jefferson has been busy doing.  All I can say is it's been a very long and hot week. Hope everyone is keeping well.



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