Saturday, August 30, 2008

More maps

Ok, I'm not sure why it really matters, but I feel the need to put this out there. And sorry, Mom. I know these posts are emailed to you and you already complained that you don't care about a map; you want to know what's new with us.

Well... this map update is what's new with us. We don't have a life and so we grasp at anything we can get. Especially if it's free entertainment. Free entertainment is good, right?

Maybe because I'm obsessed with maps. While I'm talking to people on the phone at my day job, I have my atlas pulled out and I'm not only trying to figure out where they are located, I'm tryig to imagine what it must be like where they live, whether it's flat or hilly, if the roads are winding or straight, etc. We are moving soon (yes) and of all the crap I'm trying to throw out, I can't bring myself to toss out any of my old road maps. I have a lot of old maps. I even have a huge map of the state of Rhode Island that's bigger than the state.

After all, my name backwards is maP.

I had to make a correction to Frank's map. He reminded me he had been in Indiana. That was when we drove home from Deb's wedding in Florida. When heading back north we decided to skip across KY and go through Indianapolis because driving from Rockford, IL to Paducah, KY once in our lifetime was enough. (Sorry, Laurie B and Denise!) That was a really boring drive. Of course, we had left Minneapolis at 9am and made it all the way to Nashville before we stopped to sleep, 15 hours later. All I remember is flat. More flat. Oh look, more flat.

Frank did not remind me to add Washington DC and Virginia, where we had our own honeymoon. That's two demerit points for Frank and to redeem his good standing, I think he owes me dinner. Ummm, Frank you can make Middle Eastern stuff or more Thai coconut curry.

So here are his green states:

Frank's corrected map
Make yours @

But wait there's more!
We forgot one state for Rachel, too. Guess what mode of transportation she took to get there?
For an added bonus point, guess what town we went to?
Of course, she was barely three years old and doesn't remember a thing.
Too bad; we spent a lot of money on her that trip...

... because we forgot her suitcase in our living room and had to buy all new clothes and underwear and stuff for her when we arrived.

Rachel's corrected map
Make yours @

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