Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Silly Pam and Goofy Frank

I guess I should explain the picture. When Frank's involved, I find I usually have to explain something.
He does not usually look like such a dope. He's actually pretty darn cute. He was just washing up dishes from Christmas dinner (2007) when he saw Patty was aiming the camera at him. Just as she shot the picture he went all slack-jawed and made this silly face. It's so typical "Frank" that we laughed and kept it.
Seriously, the man can't pretend to be normal for a minute if he thinks someone's looking.
We've been married 15 years... and counting...

By the way, Frank tried to make this face when he had his drivers' license picture taken but the lady said "No way."
Too bad. LOL


  1. Not only did you crack me up with the comment you left me on my blog but this picture made me smile from ear to ear! Love it!

  2. Oh Pam! I'm not alone!!! I have a hubby that does the SAME thing! He's quite adorable but you should SEE the faces he makes...actually, I do believe I'll send one...can a person post pictures within comments?? If not, I'll make sure to get a pic to you...With the beggins...it's genetic! I keep failing to mention that I love your family blog too! Happy creating with gratitude, Laurie B. (time for the dreaded ear drops, ugh)