Monday, May 25, 2009

Kyle's Birthday Present

This past weekend we went to a birthday party for our nephew Kyle. He and Rachel are only about a year and a half apart in age and they're very good friends.

For his gift, we got him a Tie Dye kit and all kinds of (white) things that he can tie dye.

We can never do anything normal. Instead of packing it all together in one box, we wrapped each thing separately, with instructions to open each thing in numerical order. We figured he should open the tie dye kit last, after opening all the white things to be dyed.

Getting ready to wrap #4, originally uploaded by Adventures of Pam & Frank.

In this picture, Rachel and I are getting ready to wrap #4.

"Here mom, cut this for me."
Rachel's job was to draw numbers, Pam wrapped the gifts and cut out the numbers. (Rachel failed scissors class. No really, she's a lefty and cutting out shapes is a pain in the butt for her.) The package was given back to her to glue the number on it.

For my entertainment (I think?) Rachel added goofy drawings to each number, too.

(You should see her science notebook in school. Her teacher showed us during Parent-Teacher conferences and it was a HOOT!)

Everything is boxed and wrapped and ready for the next step.
These are very cool looking as-is. (The black and white paper is from Ikea, of course.)

All the numbered gifts were placed in another white pillowcase, with #7 on the bottom, #1 on top, and all other boxes in between. Spaces were filled in with packing peanuts because it's not only fun to unwrap a lot of presents, but it's fun to make a mess!

(Yes, Rachel and I immediately cleaned up the mess after he opened it.)

You know how boys are, they don't verbalize liking stuff, especially when asked by the weird Aunt, but we both got the feeling he really liked this gift. If we see him wearing a tie dye shirt this summer, we'll know we picked a winner...

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