Friday, July 31, 2009

Old Believers - and ... racy firemen?

This picture of an Oregon Russian woman and her husband were posted last year when we showed you pictures of our visit to the 2008 Oregon State Fair.

A few weekends ago we attended the Salem World Beat Festival, where there was a booth about/for Old Believers. There, they promoted their website RobesNorthWest. Written for its members, there's a link to a newsletter which gives you an interesting little glimpse into their life.

Incidentally, their calendar of events lists the Hubbard Hop Festival, which I thought was intriguing. I clicked the link to view the City of Hubbard website and it mentioned the Hop Fest. (This is hops, as in making beer. A quarter of the world's hops supply are grown in Oregon and Washington.) There was a link to the Hubbard Fire Dept's website for more info about the fest.

I clicked the Hubbard Fire Dept website and received an error message. The website is blocked for: Pornography.

Huh? Either that's an error or those firemen are also selling one of those calendars...

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