Friday, June 20, 2008

How the Scavenger Hunt works

One of our Scavenger Hunt participants just asked some very good questions. Since this is my first one, too, I'm learning as I go.

Here's how it works:
  1. I have collected questions from all the participants and put them into an online survey using There are two questions for each blog; one asking a question and the second asks for the URL where the answer was found.
  2. Choose a badge from this post and place it in a prominent place on your blog so when Scavenger Hunters visit they know they're in the right place. Hopefully they'll stay and browse while looking for clues. Feel free to blog about it, as well. The more people we have participating in the Scavenger Hunt, the more traffic everyone gets.
  3. On Tuesday, July 14, we will publish a blog post inviting everyone to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. This post will include a link to the survey. Since the only answers you know are the ones to your questions, you are eligible to hunt for the rest of the answers too.
  4. The Scavenger Hunt will run through Saturday July 18.
  5. All Scavenger Hunts with the most correct answers will be entered into a drawing to choose the winner. We'll supply the prize. Winners will be announced here on Monday July 20.
  6. When the Scavenger Hunt is over you can leave up the badge or take it down.

When everything's complete, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it went. You can comment here or send me an email.

  • Did everything make sense?
  • Was it easy to participate by providing clues for the hunt?
  • Was it easy to participate as a Scavenger Hunter looking for clues?
  • How did it affect your traffic?
  • Besides any increase in traffic, did it benefit you in any other way?
  • Did you encounter any problems?
  • What would you change or improve?
  • Would you do it again?


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