Friday, June 20, 2008

Scavenger Hunt invitation

Actually posted on Saturday 6/20/09
(and buried deep in 2008... nice hiding place, eh?)

Hello Everyone!

After a major blog renovation, I'm planning a really big online "Blogwarming party" to launch my newly made-over blog at
I've got advertising lined up and expect quite a bit of traffic during the party.

There are links to all the blogs I regularly read in the blogroll here. (...and yes, I know I'm totally guilty of not commenting as often as I should...)

The Blogwarming party will run for 7 days with a different activity each day. The activity set for day 2 is a scavenger hunt, where I will invite my guests (readers) to check out my blog's "neighborhood," aka my blogroll.

The scavenger hunt list will be posted on my blog and my guests will need to visit the blogs on my blogroll, (including yours) looking for stuff on the list. People who locate everything on the list will earn entries to a giveaway that I'm hosting as part of the fun. (I provide the prize and ship it out to the winner. No cost for you.) When people find items on the list, they'll show they found it by submitting the URL of that item to me.

Would you like to participate in this? If you would, please send me something you want me to put on the scavenger hunt list and the URL for that item. It can be a trivia question about something in your blog, a picture you have posted, or anything you want. I'll only be posting one item per blog, so just send me one thing. (If this is a huge success, I'll have another Scavenger hunt again.)

Examples are:
  1. Find a picture of a rubber duck dressed like a pirate -
  2. Where did the Johnson Family go on vacation last Christmas? -
  3. Which blogger has over 100 pairs of shoes? -
  4. How many blogs does Cathie write or contribute to? -
I don't have a set date yet for the Blogwarming party, but would like to run it during the first week after July 4th. This is the last piece of the planning, and I'm hoping to have about 20 blogs participating in the Scavenger hunt - so the list has at least 20 items on it. I will be doing a lot of advertising and promoting and expect a good deal of traffic.

If you're interested, send me something to put on the list with the URL where it can be found. In exchange, I'll send you a little something to post on your blog so people know you've got one of the items from the scavenger hunt - to encourage them to stay and explore.

If you're not interested, that's fine. Just disregard this request.

Questions? Please ask. You can comment here or email me at: pioppam [at]

Pam Hawk
The Adventures of Pam & Frank

PS: Please comment here with your Scavenger Hunt question and answer, or to say you're participating. I will not publish your comments so as not to reveal all the answers and also so the names of participating blogs aren't revealed (thus making the scavenger hunt a little easier.) Thanks!


  1. Which blogger has a recipe for a One-Minute-Muffin?

  2. This is going to be great fun Pam! :)
    Can't wait to see how it goes - sent you a convo on my item =D

  3. How about, find a yummy cobbler and an apron fit for a cowgirl? or you could just use the apron part of it. These are both in the same post.


  4. Oh gee, this sounds like SO MUCH fun...But...I'm having surgery on my shoulder this Friday and will be incapacitated totally for a month and semi-totally (is that a word?) for up to 6 months so I don't know how much time I'll have or even IF I'll be able to do ANYTHING for a while. On the up side, I have been training hubby how to properly run the sweeper. Not ready to trust him with the laundrey though! But, thanks for thinking of me and keep me posted as to when the next one will be...I'd love to play!!!

  5. lol! hey pam! this is such a great idea :)) of course i'll participate :)) it's so much fun! let me think of what i wanna pass you *rubs hands in glee* gimme a couple of days to think ... if i dun get back to you by tuesday can you buzz me? i can be quite a scatterbrain! hope this works out for you ... it sounds like a lot of fun :) hugs!

  6. sounds fun! I'm in! Let me know when it's live and I'll post something about it as well. =)

    Emailing you....

  7. other comment didn't post! I sent an email for you....



  8. Hi Judy,
    Good luck with your surgery... I'll be thinking of you Friday and wish you s very speedy recovery.

    You bet I'll let you know about the next scavenger hunt. I've had a huge response to this and I'm sure it's going to be a big hit! (I can't post any other comments received here because they include the scavenger hunt items and locations! There are a lot of them, though!)

  9. Thanks for letting me know about your Scavenger hunt and other upcomming activities. Sound like fun and a great way to discover other great blogs. I will be checking back to see how it is going!

  10. hey pam :)) did you get my last message? if it got lost in space ... this is what i said (approximately):)) i think this is so much fun! of course i'll play :)) just gimme a couple of days to think of what i wanna pass you ;P if i dun get back to you by tuesday ... pls gimme a buzz will ye ... i can be a bit forgetful :)) and oh ... thank you for putting my blog's button on your side bar ... really appreciate it :)))) hugs! luthien

  11. OOOOOO, I'd love to join in, do you still have room for me?
    If so the question is what is the biggest DIY I've done?
    Answer: new house
    There are several posts on my blog tagged with that phrase and the is also a blog post named that as well

  12. Hi Pam, Thanks so much for inviting me to the Scavenger Hunt - it looks like great fun! I'm so swamped with summer art shows and activities that I won't have time to participate but I sincerely appreciate you asking me! Hugs♥ Sharon

  13. This sounds like such a great idea! I have been trying to leave a comment for a few days not but the site keeps crashing. Looks good now. I love this idea and think it will be great to find some new great blogs. Thanks for telling me about it.

  14. hey pam :)
    sorry it took me so long. is the hunt still on?
    if it is here's the url

    and the question is, "what did i create for my celebrity crush!?" :)

    hey, thanks for the invite :)) keep me posted :))
    luthien :)

  15. Can't believe I missed the scavenger hunt :( I love those! Any more coming up in the near future? Keep me posted please, I bookmarked the site and will keep checking back. Fantasy Basketball Money Leagues