Saturday, June 14, 2008

Road trip to Seattle

This last week Rachel flew out to the farm for the summer.
Frank wasn't able to get the day off work, and so I asked my friend Andi to join us as co-pilot.

Here are the pictures from our one day trip up to Seattle and back.

We put about 35 pictures on the camera and 500 miles on the car that day.

We can't show you mile by mile, nor would you really want to see it, but we'll post at least a picture a day. Check back often to watch our big one-day road trip unfold.
Here are the first two:

This is Rachel and she's the reason for the trip. Rachel will be flying from the SeaTac Airport and spending the summer with the grandparents in Wisconsin.

Andi is a good friend from work. On this trip we discovered we have the same eclectic taste in music, we both like easy going road trip meandering to see where we end up, and we were able to keep the conversation interesting all the way up to Seattle and all the way home. That's 11 hours we spent together (minus 1:45 at the airport when they wouldn't give her a pass to go back to the gate with Rachel and me.)

I think she had a good time.
I had a great time and will definitely be asking her if she wants to go on other road trips.

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