Monday, June 2, 2008

Stopit! Just stopit!!

Aren't kids great fun??

We were at TGIFriday's not too long ago and Rachel had a strawberry lemonade. Chunks of strawberries got stuck on the bottom of the glass, so she use using her straw to chop up the mass of crushed ice so she could 'schlook' the last of the berries up into her straw.

Yah, 'schlook!' is the sould it makes when suction pulls the glob up the straw.
The next sound is 'glunk - ack!' as the strawberry hits the back of her throat and goes down the wrong pipe.

So anyway, we're waiting for the cooks to hunt down the cow and start making our hamburgers (30 minutes for a burger? and the restaurant is not busy?) she's banging her straw into the glass.


Until finally,

She looked up at me and smiled. "shk-shk-shk-"

I gave her the look. "Kid, I'm hungry and you're driving me nuts."

"shk-shk-shk-shk-shk-shk-shk-shk-shk-" faster than before.

Frank just sat there and stared at us, amused. "Don't look at me," he said, "I'm not bothered by the noise."

I gave both the annoying kid and Deaf husband "The Look" as the waiter arrived and asked the annoying kid, "Would you like another drink and a fresh straw?"

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