Friday, September 5, 2008

The 2008 Oregon State Fair
Evening Entertainment

...continued from yesterday's post...

This portion of your State Fair Experience has been brought to you by the color... well... how about every color? And lots of it!

No subtle picture taking here. When I saw this young man standing there I whipped out my camera and snapped this. People observing me nudged each other and snickered.

Rachel whispered to me, "I like that jacket."

I whispered back, "I like how it goes so well with those jeans, but I don't know if I would be brave enough to wear them together. In public. Someone might take my picture and post it on their blog."

I want to put one of these heads in my front lawn so it looks like Buddha is buried up to its neck.

Maybe I can find some giant cement hands to stick up out of the grass near the head.

Ooh! Ooh! How about praying hands sticking out of the grass in front of the head?

... or I could just plant one tulip directly in front of the head, right under its nose.

I just love these musicians from... Peru? Bolivia? Somewhere in the Andes?

Glass blowing demos

Well, the sign said Glass Blowing Demos, and this gal and other people were milling around on the "stage," but...

I'm not really sure what she was planning to do. She was either shy or had been blinded by the fire because she didn't acknowledge a crowd of about 20 people had gathered to watch her, about 8 feet from where she sat. None of the other glass people said anything to the crowd, either. I'm not sure what this piece ended up being, but there sure was a neat collection of glass items made during the fair that were for sale.

By this time it was getting late, about 9:45pm, and sections of the fair were closing down. Frank and Rachel were ready to go. I stopped to take two last pictures of the garden as we headed toward the exit and they ditched me!

My favorite part of the fair is the gardens.
(This shot was taken at night with no flash, and I did nothing to doctor it up and make it bright. )

These blurry pink flowers are cleome (klee-OH-mee), a regular at Hart of the Gardens at the Oregon State Fair. And one of my all-time favorite flowers.

I believe cleome is a self-seeding biennial, like hollyhocks.

Cleome, originally uploaded by Adventures of Pam & Frank.

I found my two jokers in the Commercial Building, looking at The Pirate's wares. The Pirate is a vendor who is there every year. Yes, it's an older guy dressed in a pirate costume (every year) and he sells misc souvenirs for kids, pirate flags, blinking LED dental inserts (so you have a blinking mouth, of course; who doesn't need one of those?!*) and belly dancing outfits, and blue Marilyn Monroe wigs.

I tried, but couldn't get Frank to try on anything.
Probably because I was still holding the camera.

*Ours lasted three days, last time we got one.


  1. looks like a great time had by all. I am always facinated by people that can do the blown glass! Just beautiful!

  2. We had a blast at the fair. Always do. I was really bummed about not seeing anything going on with glass blowing demos, though. (Except for the lady who ignored the crowd...) Oh well... we'll return next year.